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New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal expelled from CHINA

China has announced that it will expel journalists from three US media outlets according to CNN reports.
The decision, will require US nationals working for the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal to return their press accreditation within 10 days, if their credentials expire before the end of 2020.
It is not immediately clear how many journalists will be affected.
The Chinese government has stated that the journalists will not be allowed any reporting in mainland China, including the semi-autonomous cities of Macau or Hong Kong, which have been the preferred destinations for journalists previously blocked by Beijing.
The decision comes less than a month after the US designated five Chinese state media outlets as "foreign missions" and had a maximum ceiling on the number of Chinese journalists who may be employed at these media centres in the United States. This came in to effect from the 13 of March.
The change in designation to foreign missions makes it mandatory for these companies to seek US government approval to buy or lease office space and will have to register staff changes, including new hires and staff departures, with the State Department just as foreign diplomatic missions would undertake.
On March 13, the State Department's cap on the number of Chinese nationals who may be employed at four of those five Chinese media entities went into effect.
The reports state that the Chinese government's decision is particularly regrettable because it comes in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis.

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