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Is Coronavirus (COVID 19) disinfecting streets actually effective?

We have all seen the big trucks in China, and now South Korea are starting to spray their streets too.
It seems like such a huge effort to cover such a vast area.
Is this in any way effective?
We probably wont know how effective it is for a while. The virus is aerosol so it can stay in the air for a while and the hope is that it will get caught by the fogging particles and drop to the ground, the sun disinfects things rather quickly.
Spray trucks, hoses, and bottles filled with household disinfectants like bleach are quickly being dispatched across China, as the country scrambles to control the outbreak of the novel coronavirus known as Covid-19.
In cities and towns across Asia, sanitation workers are also redoubling efforts to spray down entire towns, sending trucks filled with low concentration bleach-and-water solutions into the streets, and dispatching hazmat-suited workers into train stations and malls to wipe every nook and cranny.
But health experts say these public displays of germ-busting are probably not doing much to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, and that the disinfection should instead target specific spots, like emergency rooms, and communal surfaces in hospitals, where more coronavirus germs are likely to get swapped around.
Street spray in Korea

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