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Coronavirus (COVID 19) diagnostic samples for suspected cases

When a suspect of Coronavirus Covid-19 infection has been detected, you can opt for the upper respiratory tract sample as follows:

  • Incorporating a nasopharynx swab in a receiver containing global transportation media OR
  • single gauze for throat and nose OR
  • individual nose and throat swabs in separate collection tubes OR
  • Nasopharyngeal Suction.

Initial diagnosis of Coronavirus Covid-19 cases is essential, with rapid and rapid response to rapid tests, you can prevent the spread to the surrounding community. and early isolation of potential outbreak points. Coronavirus Covid-19 initial diagnostic tests needed the following samples

Upper respiratory tract (s): combined viral nasopharynx and throat, or viral and nasopharyngeal swab combined into a viral medium pot, or gauze used for throat inhalation, or nasal aspiration shipping pot mouth.
5mL serum tube or smooth tube (without additives). For children <12 years, 1mL is acceptable.
Sample of the lower respiratory tract (sputum) if possible, in universal container
In addition, if the patient is admitted to the hospital, obtain an acute serum test sample.
The note to keep in mind when sampling the request and labeling the sample include:
Label each sample with its distinguishing ID, date of birth, and type
Use the specific request form to request an acute respiratory disease test Coronavirus Covid-19 (attached in the post), one for each sample.
Do not place documents (required form) in the primary container for transportation of category B
The request form must include a contact telephone number or information necessary to share the results
Samples without appropriate papers will not be tested and need to be confirmed again
Samples needed for follow-up confirmation of acute respiratory disease Coronavirus Covid-19
Sequential sampling may be required to follow the confirmed course of acute respiratory disease Coronavirus Covid-19, depending on the specific case. WHO will advise the laboratory about the frequency of sampling and what types of samples need to be collected on specific days.
A sample request for laboratory testing for Coronavirus Covid-19 is included in the article
  • Packaging
  • Make sure the lid is tight and sealed with parafilm
  • Disinfect outside pipe
  • Wrap the sample with absorbent material
  • Put separately in a locked bag
  • Seal the bag lock and change gloves
  • Add all wrapped patterns in the second bag
  • Wrap the packed samples in spacious packaging and place in biological bottles
  • Secure cap

source: https://gov.uk

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