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26 EU countries to close borders - restrict travel - Coronavirus (COVID 19)

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID 19), 26 EU countries have decided to close their borders and ban all non-essential travel.
This decision was taken after the leaders of the European Union countries engaged in a discussion via video conferencing last evening to formulate a joint strategy against the coronavirus (COVID 19).
The European Union has asked its member countries to impose a 30-day travel ban. This is due to the rapid spread of the corona virus in Italy, Spain and France.
The death toll from coronavirus (COVID 19) in Italy has risen to 2503. There are 31,506 infected patients.
Republican Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced that polls for thee primary will be closed in the state on Tuesday as a result of the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic.
The number of people infected with the virus in the United States has risen to 6423.
The Chinese authorities have decided to provide a new vaccine designed to control the virus to infected people. The US also started clinical trials for a similar vaccine yesterday.
The World Health Organization (WHO) says that Asia is taking strong steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID 19). They point out that the spread of the virus has increased in Asian countries.
There are currently 7,905 deaths reported from coronavirus (COVID 19) which is spread across 154 countries and 97,185 people have been infected.

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